The Love and Rage Network had its genesis in a November 1989 conference the introduction of a North American revolutionary anarchist newspaper. The newspaper project "was born of a series of North American anarchist meetings in the year 1986 (Chicago), 1987 (Minneapolis), 1988 (Toronto) and 1989 (San Francisco). In the 1986 survey, a network of groups began connected. In the 1987 survey of Mayday loose network was in the years following discussions on a North American anarchist newspaper led to the production of two one-shot newspapers, "Rage" and "Writing On The Wall", which was a precursor of the "Love and Rage / Amor y Rabia."

The initiative, however, came from the Minneapolis-based Revolutionary Anarchist Bowling League (RABL). The former Trotskyist Revolutionary Socialist League (RSL) (dissolved immediately before a fraction of its members participated in the founding of the new project, and gave them their 501 (c) 3, the Aspect Foundation) was also one of the main forces behind these. The first trailer contained anarchist collectives from Chicago, San Francisco, Miami, Atlanta, Toronto and Knoxville. Another strong influence on the design was the "Free Society", the collective was influenced by the theories of social ecology Murray Bookchin. They began to publish its bi-lingual newspaper - love and anger / Amor y Rabia - in January 1990. Some anarchists have been cautious of the network and their associations and ask themselves whether they really were anarchists, some anarchists also wondered if the RSL was a Trotskyist group performing a kind entryist tactics. More lifestyle-oriented anarchists, especially on Fifth Estate had accused love and anger, a secretly Leninist sect from its beginnings.

nauka szybkiego czytania | wolny internet | Kursy i szkolenia | Domy z drewnaWhile some members of the New York City local, ultimately, Leninists, this allegation does not make sense that most members of the group, which defines itself as anarchists and Leninism rejected. Subsequent developments showed the RSL former members are among the most orthodox anarchists in the organization. For members of the love and anger, "Trotskyist" influence on the group never much sense, because the ex-GSL group rather a generation older than the 20-30 basis of something the rest of the group, and not directly involved in the ongoing work, the activists occupied the time and energy of the majority of members. So, if you need a car, consider buying used vans.